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Looking for quality Outdoor Umbrella Singapore made products? We at Nex Global Enterprises are here to help! Over the years, we have been the trusted supplier of industrial and commercial products for all our customer needs.

Should you require any outdoor umbrellas for your balcony or backyards, you can count on us! We have a variety of umbrellas types ready for your choosing.

They are extremely sturdy and built to endure challenging weather conditions such as heavy rain and strong winds. Our outdoor umbrellas are perfect for shielding you from the elements while fitting in seamlessly as a piece of your furniture. Aside from being weatherproof, they also come in a modern design, suitable for the beach and even along the swimming pool. They are easy to clean and maintain, perfect for becoming the mainstay in your home or establishment.

We provide the best Outdoor Umbrella Singapore customers have been thoroughly satisfied with over the years. Our line of products range from different uses and sizes, to fit your needs. Choose from a simple 2.2m Square Umbrella, all the way to an impressive 9ft (2.7m) sized umbrella, providing you ample shelter and cover from the weather.

Find the best suited product for you with just a click of a button. Here at Nex Global Enterprises, we hold ample stocks in our warehouse ready for you at any time. We believe in bringing only the best quality products that are durable and at affordable rates. We pride ourselves in bringing good after sales service with all our customers, to ensure they get only the best experience with us at Nex Global.

Contact us today for all your umbrella rental needs!

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