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Customized Sizings Available

Provide your lifts with superior protection with our Lift Paddings. NEX Global is a leading supplier of Lift Paddings in Singapore and in the region specializing in Industrial supplies of all kinds. Our experience in Canvas & Tarpaulin materials allows us to construct high-quality Lift Paddings for all types of lifts while keeping costs low.

Why are elevator paddings important? When performing deliveries/installations, the walls of the lifts can get damaged or scratched easily. Fixing or repairing these walls certainly will not be cheap. It is therefore important to protect the sides of the walls from getting damaged in the first place.

A good quality Lift Padding, therefore, keeps your maintenance cost low.

At NEX Global Enterprises, we are able to custom make any lift elevator protection padding to suit your specifications. Simply let us know and we will advise the optimal way for the construction of your items. 

  • Customised Sizings Available
  • Low Cost & Affordable
  • Thick, Superior Protection
  • Long Lasting

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